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Update 25.03.2015 (


    Mission Maker’ wager - Number of attempts increased from 3 to 10. Awards for all stages increased significantly
    ‘Hero of the Sky’ wager, Thunderer wager, Wingman wager - Number of attempts increased from 3 to 6. Awards for first 5 stages increased
    ‘The Best Squad’ wager - Number of attempts increased from 3 to 4
    ‘Hero of the Sky’ wager can now only be fulfilled in aircraft battles
    The ‘Thunderer’ wager no longer counts [Air Domination] missions in arcade battles, as the requirements of the wager cannot be completed there due to the lack of ground targets
    A new ‘Wing Breaker’ wager has been added, with the task to destroy air targets in tank missions

Ash River

    Ground deformation is now active.
    Respawn point fixes.


    Additional cover has been added near the central capture point.
    Improved sniper positions on hills.
    The road, near the central capture point, under the ruins, has been changed (recessed).


    Entrances to the central point have been improved.
    Ground deformation is now active.


    Central capture point in Arcade Mode has been improved - cliffs added which can be used as concealment.

Eastern Europe

    Mills and farms have been added to the suburban area.
    Some slopes near the bridges have been made less steep.


    Villages of different sizes have been added around the city
    New vegetation added.


    Several balance changes - some hills have been flattened out, capture points have been moved.

White Rock Fortress

    Balance on “Capture point C” has been fixed.

Ground Forces

    In Arcade Battles - The effect of critical damage has been changed:
        Damage to the gun barrel no longer removes the ability to shoot, but increases the cannon’s spread and reduces the muzzle velocity and thus penetration value of its shells.
        Damage to the breech may cause a misfire, resulting in no shot to be fired. The probability of a misfire and the resulting wait time depends on the rate of fire and caliber of the cannon.
        Damage to the horizontal turret drive (traverse) now temporary stops turret rotation. After expiration of a timer, you will be able to rotate the turret again, but at a reduced speed of 2 degrees per second.
        Damage to the vertical gun drive (elevation) will result in the weapon being locked in the position it held when it was damaged, but it will still be possible to elevate the gun by +/- 1 degree.
    Coaxial and anti-aircraft machine guns have been enabled for the following tanks and tank destroyers/spg’s: BT-5, BT-7, KV-1E, KV-1 ZiS-5, KV-1 L-11, ISU-152, ISU-122, ISU-122S, T-26, T-44, T-126SP, T-54 1951, T-50, T-60, T-28E, T-70, T-80, T-34 Prototype, T-34 1941, T-34 1942, T-34-57 1943, T-34E, IS-4, T-54 all modifications, M2A4, М2 Medium, M24, M24, M26E1, M3 Stuart, M4, М4А1, М4А1 76(W), М4А2, М4А3 105, М4А3Е2, М4А3Е8, М5А1, Grant Mk.I, Tiger II 10,5cm, Jgd.Pz. IV L48, Pz. IV/70 A/V, Pz. IV Ausf. C, Pz. IV Ausf. E, Pz. IV Ausf. F1, Pz. IV Ausf. F2, Pz. IV Ausf. G, Pz. IV Ausf. H, Pz. IV Ausf. J, Pz. II Ausf. C, Pz. II Ausf. F, Panther II, Panther Ausf. F, Marder III H.
    Increase the level of detail for the mask armour of M4A3E2.
    The trafficability of dirt roads has been fixed
    For AAA vehicle: M19, M42, ZSU-57-2, Wirbelwind: Barrels are now fired asynchronously.
    Thickness of the commander’s cupola has been corrected from 50mm to 100mm for Pz. III Ausf M/N.
    Distribution of  shells within all ammunition modules of the vehicle was enabled for: KV-1B 756®, T-34 Prototype, T-34 1941/40, T-34 1942, T-34-57, T-34-57 1943.
    Number of shells for the T-34-57 1943 has been corrected from 77 to 100 shells.
    Armour piercing capability from 105 mm M67 shell increased to 130 mm according to ‘FM 6-40 1945 Field Artillery Gunnery’
    The maximum fire rate of 128 mm PaK-44 gun increased from 3.0 to 3.3 shots per minute.
    Detonator settings changed for 75 mm armour-piercing shell K.Gr.rot.Pz (KwK37). Fuse sensitivity increased to 15 mm.
    Increased fragmentation radius for the 88 mm shells of KwK36 and KwK43 guns
    Visual model for shells of caliber above 30mm added.


    Controlling aircraft in Mouse Aim mode is improved.
    Extra camouflage for the A-20G-25 has been updated. For players who have already purchased or unlocked it, the camouflage will be available automatically.
    BF-110-C4 - gadgets in cockpits are fixed.

Changes in Flight Models:

    Ме-410-A-1 - flight model is updated according to the data sheet
    Ме-410-A-1/U4 - flight model is updated according to the data sheet
    Ме-410-B1 - flight model is updated according to the data sheet
    Me-410-B2/U4 - flight model is updated according to the data sheet
    Me-410-B6/R3 - flight model is updated according to the data sheet
    F-82E - flight characteristics according to the data sheet have been applied.
    Ju-87-D3/D5 - stability and controllability during vertical dive have been improved
    Ki-43 (all lineup) - geometrical parameters of the tail controls have been specified
    Mosquito (all lineup) - stability and controllability during vertical dive have been improved. geometrical parameters of the fuselage have been specified. Improved performance during takeoff and landing in full control mode.
    BF-110-C4 - flight model is updated. Geometry of the wing has been specified (installation angle is fixed), leading edge flap actions are more apparent. Stability in maneuvers on low speeds is improved.


    Fixed ‘engine start’ sound when switching views.


    Fixed tank brake when using Wireless Controller.
    Implemented WebHUD.
    Dirt on vehicles added.

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"thinking is very upsetting, it tells us things we rather not know"

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Firestorm cica....


Game mechanics
RB Ground Forces temporally have the Arcade Battle identification/marking system. This is purely for the duration of the test only.
In SB ground vehicles, the gunner view now represents the view from, where physically the sight was mounted on specific ground vehicles.
New mechanism for measuring target distance for RB and SB game modes with new modification “rangefinder” which has been added for ground vehicles that were equipped with a mounted range finder.
Introduction of the new Dagor Engine 4.0
New water rendering based on NVIDIA WaveWorks technology;
New destructible environment based on NVIDIA GameWorks technology.
It is now possible to earn “vehicle for rent” in a trophy.
Ingame chat has been changed. General channels have been removed.
In the combined ground vehicle battles, new special markers have been added. These markers show the position of the enemy when he shoots and hits an ally, or when the enemy is hit by an allies. Marker will be visible for ground and air forces above the point where the shot was fired and will not move if the enemy moves.
Pilot may lose control of the aircraft if maximum G is exceeded. Amount of G and time during which he pilot still has control over the aircraft depend on the skill of the pilot.
Crew skills
Crew skill system updated
Visibility mechanics have been updated
New vehicles
М26 T99
Panzerwerfer 42
Jagdpanzer 4-5
Great Britain
A13 Mk2 1939
Black Prince
Hunter F1
A7M1 (NK9H)
Changes in Vehicle Models
MGs, both AA and twin are now available for all ground vehicles that were equipped with them.
Specific errors have been fixed, armouring details have been improved as well as improvement on the layout of modules and components for the following vehicles: IS-2 mod.44, Т-34-85 (all modifications), Т-44, Maus, Leopard I, M60, Т-54 mod.47, Т-34-100, Pzkpfw V (all modifications), Panzerjager IV L48, M3 Lee, IS-4М, Т-10М, Т-54 mod.51, Ferdinand, Pz.kpfw 35(t). Minor fixes have affected most Ground Vehicles.
Physical collision damage interaction has been improved on multiple vehicles.
New Locations and Missions
“Stalingrad”. New location for combined battles (Domination, Battle, Conquest)
“Advance to the Rhine”. New ground battle city map for combined battles (Domination, Battle, Conquest)
“New Guinea”. new aircraft missions in Domination, Ground strike missions
“Spain”. New aircraft missions for Alternative History mode
New system of destructible environments for locations “Berlin”, “Stalingrad Factory” and “Advance to the Rhine” has been added.
Changes in Locations and Missions
Improved the environment around capture points and gameplay improvements for location "Mozdok"
Location “Carpathians” has been significantly revised.
A few settlements in the location “Poland” have been added.
The size of the bushes in the locations “Poland” and “Normandy” has been reduced.
Balancing changes on the locations “Finland” and “Eastern Europe”.
Research and Economy
Vampire FB.5 and Venom FB.4 moved to “Hawker” line following the Tempest Mk.II
Damage Model
Affecting all Ground Vehicles with a separate loading chance of ammo explosion - the chance has been significantly decreased. An ammo rack can be destroyed by a direct hit of cumulative jet or close explosion of ammo containing 150 gr or more explosives. A loading rack is still vulnerable to all damage including spalling. For example: KV-2, IS-2, IS-3, IS-4, Т-10М, SU-152,SU-122, ISU-122, ISU-122S, ISU-152, SU-122-54, SU-122P, М103, Т28, Т95, Т32 Mouse,  Jagdtiger, Tiger II 105.
In the T-34 series, a hit in the oil tank can no longer lead to fuel explosion.
The mechanics regarding repairing has been changed. Now track repairs will start automatically if the vehicle does not move.
To activate repair mode, you will need to hold the repair button for 1.5 seconds.
Reload on capture and base points now starts automatically, if the player doesn't move and will be interrupted if he starts to move.
The penetration of late-war as well as post-war AP shells with detachable trays have been fixed and adjusted.
USSR: 100mm ZBM-8 penetration increased by 1%, 122 ZBM-11 penetration increased by 3,5%, 122mm ZBM-7 penetration increased by 1%, 85mm BR-367P penetration decreased by 4%.
USA - 105mm М392А2 - penetration increased by 5%, 90mm М332 - penetration decreased by 14%, 90mm М304 penetration decreased by 13,2%, 90mm Т44 penetration decreased by 13%, 76mm М93 penetration decreased by 2%, 76mm М331А2 penetration decreased by 10%, 76mm М319 penetration decreased by 10%.
Germany: 105mm DM-13 penetration increased by 5%, 105mm PzGr 40 penetration decreased by 10%, 88mm PzGr 40/43 penetration decreased by 11%, 75mm PzGr 40/42 penetration decreased by 15%.
Changes in Flight Models
A bug that caused long set of the engine speed after a dive on some aircraft models has been fixed.
Changes and improvements for following aircraft: Arado-234, 234C-3, Attaker FB.1, F2A-1, F2A-3, B-57A, B-57B, Canberra B.Mk.2, B.Mk6,  F2H-2, F8F-1, F8F-1b, F7F-1, F-84, Ho.229V3, He-162a-2, Meteor F.Mk.3, F.Mk.3 Navy, F.Mk.4 G.41F, G.41G, F.Mk.8, MiG-9, МiG-9L, MiG-15, MiG-15bis,  La-9, La-15, La-174,  Ki-200, Me-262a-1a, Me-262a-u4, Me-262c1-a, Me-262c-2b, P-38G, R2Y2 V1/V2/ V3, Kikka, Typhoon Mk.1a/ Mk.1b/ Mk.1b Late, Vampire FB.Mk.5, Venom FB.Mk.4, He-111-H2/H6/H16, F6F3, Beaufighter Mk.VIc, X, XXI, Wellington (all models), D3A1, B7A2, Beaufighter Mk.XXI, Yak-15, Yak-15P, Yak-17, A6M2N, AD-2 Skyraider, Bf.109F-1, F-2, F-4, F-4(trop), G-1, G-2, G-2(trop), G-6, G-10, G-14, K-4, F1M2, F4u-1a,1a(USMC),1c,1d, F-80A, F-80C, F-86A, F-2, F-25, F-30, CL-13A Mk.5, F9F-2, F9F-5, Firebrand TF.4, Firefly Mk.1, Mk.5, H6K4, Ju-88-C4, Me-262a-1a, Me-262a-u4, Me-262c1-a, Me-262c-2b, P-63A-5, A-10, C-5, Sea Fury FB.11, Spitfire Mk.I, Mk.II, Mk.IIa, Mk.5b/trop, Mk.5c, F.Mk.IX, F.Mk.XVI, LF.Mk.IX, F.Mk.XIVe/c, FR.Mk.XIVe, F.Mk.XVIIIe, F.Mk.22, F.Mk.24, Seafire Mk.XVII, FR Mk.47 - Specified the calculation for the airflow on the horizontal tail surfaces, Inertia calculations updated.and Spitfire Mk.II/IIa, Tempest Mk.V + captured, Mk.V Vikkers, Tempest Mk.II
Initially configured according to the data sheet: SB2C-4, TBD-1, P-38K, P-38E, P-38L, P-38J, Bf.109E-4/7, Do-17Z-2, Do-17Z-7, Yak-9B, Pe-8, Hunter F1
Changes in Ground Vehicles
Added ability for the M41 and SPAA M42 to perform a neutral turn.
The maximum speed of the T-44 has been reduced to 60 km/h, according to “Guide to exploitation of T-44” NKO USSR 1946, page 5.
New modification/module “Rangefinder” added for M103, M47, M60, Leopard-I, SU-122-54, Panther F, Panther 2 and Tiger 2 105. This will allow the measurement of range of up to a distance of 2.5km in Realistic/Simulator Battles and 1.5 km in Arcade Battles.
The amount of explosives contained in a shell has been added to the info card for ground vehicles
New battle statistics interface
New daily rewards interface
New crew skill interface
Decals and Camouflages
New decals for both ground vehicles and aircraft have been added. Requirements for receiving certain decals have been adjusted
Clarified the conditions for obtaining decals for ground vehicles and aircraft.
Please note that currently only GF450 (DX11 +) Videocards and higher are supported. This will of course be changed in the future.
The current provided update notes reflect the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates and fixes may be not listed in the provided notes.

"thinking is very upsetting, it tells us things we rather not know"

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interesant articolul despre vizibilitate

"thinking is very upsetting, it tells us things we rather not know"


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doar postul de update are ceva ciudat in el
am incercat de la ei de pe site/forum sa pun link si nu face la fel
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(='.'=)(0 0) (^.^)( . .)

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"thinking is very upsetting, it tells us things we rather not know"

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Cititi regulile de la Enduring Confrontation de la 1.57... zici ca e Chech War :)
"thinking is very upsetting, it tells us things we rather not know"


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De sunat suna fain, insa sa vedem ce rahat o iesi in realitate - in plus e doar pt. aveoane so big no-no.


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